This master’s program is taught in English and has a duration of 2 academic years (4 semesters) conducting to the accumulation of 120 ECTS.

Minimum Requests:

Academic and professional background for Romanian candidates:

  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent, regardless of field, provided the level of studies and the diploma are recognized by the Ministry of Education and Research of Romania
  • Experience in the creative or cultural industries sector 

For other EU citizens and the Swiss Confederation:

  • Bachelor’s or equivalent diploma recognized by the competent department of the Ministry of Education and Research prior to the registration (the process may take up to 30 days).
  • Experience in the creative or cultural industries sector 

Admission Procedure

The admission process consists of the online registration of the application file and an oral exam. 

Online registration includes:

  • Curriculum Vitae in English;
  • One letter of motivation (maximum allowed: 2 pages) in English;
  • Two letters of recommendation;

The oral exam will consist of:

  • Candidates presenting a project or business idea in the field of creative or cultural industries (e.g. Book and Press, Performing Arts, Audio-Visual and Cinematography, Advertising, Arts, Design, Architecture, Cultural Heritage, Crafts);

The admission average grade point is determined as follows:

  • 50% evaluation of the application files: Bachelor exam average – 10 points, letter of motivation – 15 points, recommendation letter and CV – 25 points (50 points)
  • 50% oral exam:  an interview for knowledge assessment in the field, with questions from members of the commission and a presentation and evaluation of the project idea (50 points)

*The oral exam will be held online, in English language.

A minimum of 60 / 100 points is required in order to be admitted. If you are unsure whether you qualify for this program, feel free to contact our admissions team for more information.

Number of places: 40 (with tuition fee only).

Tuition fee per year:

    • tuition fee for EU citizens: 10.000 RON/year
    • application fee for EU citizens : 250 RON


The interview is composed of two parts:

  • an oral exam, to evaluate the knowledge of the candidate in the field – please find the recommended bibliography for the exam below
  • presentation of a project or business idea in the field of creative or cultural industries

The members of the interview commission will be professors from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies.

Recommended Bibliography for the Admission exam:


[1] Tanurovska-Kjulavkovski, B., (2021), Modelling Cultural and Art Institutions, P.I.E.
Peter Lang;

[2] Mitchell, J., M., (2017), International Cultural Relations (Routledge Library Editions:
International Relations), Routledge;

[3] Schramme, A., (2014), Fashion Management, Lannoo;

Online articles:

[4] Art, Museums & Digital Cultures ebook,

[5] Creative Europe,

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